Convenient eConsult Access Through EMRs

OntarioMD is leading the integration of eConsult with clinicians’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. EMR-integrated eConsult complements the service currently available on OTNhub by offering clinicians an additional, convenient access point through their EMRs.

With the EMR-integrated eConsult service, clinicians can seamlessly request and respond to eConsults as part of their clinical workflows. Patient demographic information from EMRs is auto populated into each eConsult and documentation can be easily attached from the patient record, making charting fast and simple. More than 300 clinicians are already using eConsult through their EMRs and 90% of them have told OntarioMD that it improves their clinical workflows and motivates them to use eConsult more frequently.

EMR-integrated eConsult is currently available through QHR Technologies’ Accuro® EMR and KAI Innovations’ OSCAR. OntarioMD is continues to work with EMR vendors to expand availability of EMR-integrated eConsult to more clinicians across Ontario. We are currently working with Avaros, YMS and YES on integrating the service into their certified EMRs. Access to eConsult through your EMR will depend on when your EMR vendor can incorporate the service into their EMR product. Until then, you can continue using eConsult through OTNhub.

Users of Accuro® EMR and OSCAR through KAI Innovations can request access to eConsult through their EMR now by contacting  


EMR vendors can review the EMR eConsult Specification on OntarioMD’s website and contact to facilitate deployment. 

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