What is eConsult?

eConsult is a secure web-based tool that allows physician or nurse practitioner timely access to specialist advice for all patients and often eliminates the need for an in-person specialist visit.

  • BASE™ Managed Specialty model:
    • eConsults are sent to a group of specialists from across the province in a specific specialty and each case is assigned to a specific specialist by a case assigner.
    • Over 100 specialties offered province-wide
  • Direct to Specialist model:
    • eConsults are sent to individual specialists/groups by searching in a directory. 

By the Numbers


eConsults sent in Ontario in the last 12 months


Active Primary Care Providers*


Active Specialists*

* Sent/provided 3 eConsults in the last 6 months

Metrics as of Oct 1, 2020

What are the benefits?

  • Their care supported by a program that is fast, efficient, private, safe and cost-saving
  • All patients receive access to quality specialist advice quickly, wherever they live in Ontario
  • Only about one third of eConsults result in patients needing to see a specialist face- to-face. 
  • Evidence shows patient safety is improved through timely access to specialist advice.
  • Provides timely access to non-urgent questions (average response time 2 days)
  • Access to over 100 specialties & sub-specialties
  • Improved care coordination and collaboration between clinicians
  • Provides opportunities to enhance learning and manage patient cases at the family practice level, where patient trust is often highest
  • Allows prompt, high quality communication with requesting providers 
  • Provides opportunities for knowledge sharing and increased capacity in primary care
  • Offers liability protection through the permanent written record of advice provided
  • Is an important part of  restructuring care to improve equitable access for patients

For any questions, please contact the Ontario eConsult Centre of Excellence at

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