Allergy advice for COVID-19 Vaccine is now available on the Ontario eConsult Service

In response to the COVID-19 vaccination roll out, the Ontario eConsult Centre or Excellence in partnership with Public Health, OMA, OntarioMD, Ontario Health and the MOH have created a COVID-19 – Allergy/Immunology BASE™ Managed Specialty Group. This group enables physicians and nurse practitioners to ask COVID-19 vaccine allergy related clinical questions to Allergy and Clinical Immunology specialists electronically and receive a response within days. The general COVID-19 infectious disease group continues to be available.

The COVID-19 specialties are the only groups that allow for population-based, non-patient specific clinical questions.

The COVID-19 – Allergy/Immunology BASE™ Managed Specialty Group is now available province-wide:

  • Accessed through the BASE™ managed specialty option and listed under COVID-19 and Allergy & Clinical Immunology.
  • A group of Allergy & Clinical Immunology specialists who can answer both patient-specific and general questions about COVID-19 vaccine allergies
  • For non-patient specific questions please enter the patient information as follows:
    • First Name: COVID19
    • Last Name: COVID19
    • Date of Birth: 1900-01-01
    •  Select OHIP number not available
  •  Please note: this group is meant for allergy specific questions only, and not meant for general information regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine in Ontario, visit Getting a COVID-19 vaccine in Ontario

If you would like to sign up for eConsult, visit or complete our Intake Form and someone can assist you.

If you need a refresher on how to submit an eConsult, you can watch our training video here:

Please note, specialists also have the ability to submit eConsults both to this group and to all other specialty groups and specialists.

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